Bless Your Water

Approximately 70% of earth is water and about same ratio in the body, water plays a very important role in our physical, emotional and mental health. The packaged water we consume from stores is nothing but lifeless water. It’s important to bless water everyday for your and your family’s good health. A Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book “Hidden messages in water” has detailed how the energy of space affects water quality and its structure . A few ways to improve quality of water if practiced, can make significant positive changes in one’s health.

* Ideally place the water pot/ container in north east or east of your home.*

* Water, if required to be stored in a bottle, should be stored in glass bottles (avoid plastic no matter how good a brand is)*

* Water can be stored in colored glass bottles for different ailments according to their corresponding chakra. For e:g – Blue for throat problems, communication, thyroid, Green for Love, healing, cooling effects, Yellow for digestive ailments etc.* Keep the bottle in morning Sunlight for 2 hours.*

* A few fresh tulsi leaves, or a few tulsi extract drops in your water pot/ container of filter can purify the water and change its structure.*

Bless the drinking water everyday with positive affirmations.

*Never drink water from a place that has people fighting, sick,or negative mood.*

Water pots should always be away from gas stove (to avoid the clash of fire and water energy in space)

*Never play or view sad songs
while drinking water.*

Add a few tulsi extract drops to drinking water to help build immunity of everyone in the family. It is readily available in market from various manufacturers.

Whatever water you drink, give positive energy to it by vibrational blessing.

*While filling water bottle for self or for your kids to school or for your family members to take to office ..bless it by chanting OM or any mantra..*

* Put a slice of Lemon/ Cucumber in water container. It will make water alkaline*

Avoid keeping water bottle close to mobile phones in your handbags or living space. Check It can affect the quality of water very badly.

Practice these tips and see the benefits of positive energy and thoughts within a month.

May you all be blessed with good health

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