Learn How to Speak

Learn How to Speak

Saying “I need”, “I need” –  It would be nice to replace these words with “I choose.”

Saying “I have no money”, you will accordingly never be in financial abundance.
The phrase “It’s easy and often money comes to me!” Helps to attract finance. And as soon as you don’t interfere with your negative thoughts the implementation process, you will immediately feel how easy it is for you to open new opportunities for money to come into your wallet!

Saying to the child “you are a fool” – he will learn badly from you.  Because, as you yourself created it not sober!

Saying to a loved one – “my eyes wouldn’t see you”, “you got me”, “leave me alone”, “disappear from my life” – you program a breakdown with this person.  Do not be surprised if your husband, or the child then leaves the family, or even worse from life.  But this is how the law of the universe works.  What you ask for comes to you!

Saying to the child “You will fall”, “There you will break your legs, you will turn your neck!” Please, do not be surprised if this is what happens to your child!  You yourself, again, created a life scenario for your child.  Remember how often you say, “because I told you that it would be so”, this is also this case when you yourself brought a negative situation into the life of your loved one, and therefore into your own.

Speaking of men, “all men … .. ,, there is not a single normal one!” – and it turns out that each subsequent man in your life will bring you only misery and grief.

By telling a person – “I don’t digest you!” – you get problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

“You are sitting on my neck!” – you get osteochondrosis.

“My heart bleeds”, “My heart nearly stopped” – consider that you ordered a heart disease from the heavenly office.

So that bad things do not happen, it is very important not to think about him, much less to pronounce negative information.  It is not without reason that there is a saying – “It is said – done!” That is, having said that, you have already almost done it. Visit ChubbyPussy.net. You have launched the execution program!  But not everything is so bad, good words and thoughts work in the same way.  By creating and releasing a positive thought, you end up with a positive in life, as good people and pleasant events.

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