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All about us

Shubhkamna Khush Raho is an initiative by Gitaa Katiyaal to bring positive and happiness in people’s life. We aim to resolve issues related to personal and professional life with the help of various remedies and corrective measures through services such as Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Life Coaching and Counseling, Nutrition and Diet Consultation and Energy Healing.

Astrology is the vedic science of predicting future through twelve houses, twelve rashi, Nine Planet & Twenty Seven Nakshatras. Astrology cames under vedic literature. It is a part of vedanga (limb of the Vedas). There are six vedanga. Jyotish is eye of the veda.

Horoscope is the basic data needed for prediction. It is like blue print of our Life. Horoscope is made of two words. Horo means horizon and scope means seeing. Horoscope means seeing the horizon at the time of birth. While studying the horoscope one has to have the knowledge of yoga, dasha & Transit. Related divisional chart are equally significant.

Some techniques are tested on marriage & Children-The two important aspects in life.

Jyotish is gaining new height & meaning. Apart from parashar principle, which is more popular in northern India, Jamini systems also proves its worth. The knowledge of both is added advantage. Inf act jamini system is more precise & particular in giving prediction & forecast.

Medical astrology & prashan-shastra are again two fort of jyotish which are getting new dimensions in the light of new medical science & tools like lecher antenna.

||Jai Gurudev||