Vastu Remedies

Vastu Remedies – The Vastu Shastra also has remedies that help you stay healthy, wealthy and prosperous. But, the Vastu dosha creates troubles in life which some time lead to huge loss. So, here are the remedies to help you stay protected from negativity. These remedies are divided into three parts.

Vastu Recommendations –

Place your clipboard containing important documents, currency, jewels etc. in the coner of the Sothwest portion of the building so that they open towards North.

  • The Southeast can be the kitchen. Face the East while cooking.

  • The North-west can be for garages, guest rooms, toilets, kennels, granaries etc.

  • The pooja room can be in the North-east -sector. Your medicine chest can also be in this sector for enhancing the healing properties of the medicines.

  • Have your mirrors kept only on East or North walls.

  • Do not have a toilet or a pooja under a staircase.

  • Students should study facing the North or East.

  • Never, never, never make toilet in North-east.

  • The following three points need to be looked into, to make you and your finances strong. a) Never ever open south west of either your compond or your building.
    b) Always keep the Northeast, which corresponds to the Vastu Purusha's head, as open and as clean as possible.
    c) Never ever have any beams, pillars, depressions or wells in the center of the building which corresponds to the Brahmasthama (or the naval of Vastu Purusha)

  • Colours & Its Significance

    Blue: Blue is the color of spring, and new beginnings. This shade is excellent for bedrooms and meditation rooms.

  • Green: Green symbolizes hope. It offers healing, harmony, and a good atmosphere. It is an auspicious color for study rooms.

    Yellow: Yellow signifies wisdom and patience. This color is great has got special significance for rooms which do not get direct sunlight. Apart from this, yellow is also auspicious for ’Pooja’ rooms.

    Orange: Orange symbolizes power and spirituality. This color encourages happiness, optimism, healthy relationships, and much more. Subtle shades of orange are one of the best Vastu colors for homes and can be used anywhere.

    Red: Red signifies power and bravery. This color must never be used in bedrooms as it has an invigorating quality attached to it, which may get overwhelming.

    Purple: Purple inspires trust. Lighter shades of purple can be used for a soothing environment.

    Pink: Pink is a color of happiness, joy and purity. It should be applied to the walls of the master bedroom and rooms in Southwest and South.

    White: This colour is a graceful color which looks good when blended with other hues. It’s advisable to always have white ceilings. Also, this color must be used to paint the north-west bedroom.

    Black: Black is a negative color which symbolizes lack. Avoid the use of black in house as it may cause despair.

  • Directions & Its Significance

    North West Direction should only have Cow Shed, Spetic tank, Washing Place, Toilet, Parking, Dining Room, Study Room, Guest Bedroom and Room for the young children.

  • North Direction should have only have Open Space, Living Room, Treasury, bathroom and entrance. Remember that bedroom(s) should not be structured in this direction.

  • North East Direction should only have Entrance, Divine Room, Porch, balcony and Underground water tank. You must not construct Toilet, Kitchen or a Spetic Tank here.

  • West Direction should only have Dining Room, Overhead Water tank, Children bedroom, Study Room, Toilet and a Septic Tank. Avoid having Cellar in this direction.

  • East Direction should only have Bathrooms, Open Spaces, Guest Room, Living Room and a Study Room.

  • South West Direction should only have Master Bedroom, Wardrobes, Dressing Rooms, Heavy Items placement, Staircase Block, Overhead Water tank and Cash Box. Try not to have a Well in this direction.

  • South Direction should have Bedroom with headboard placement towards the South direction. Staircase Block, Provisional Store must be designed in this area and avoid having a Well in here.

  • South East Direction should only have kitchen with cooking counter facing towards the East direction, Electric Meter, Store room for Oil and Ghee, and a Tulsi plant. Here also, avoid having a Well.