Jyotish Recommendations


❖ For prevention from disease & quick relief form sickness do mahamritunjaya jap (lord shiva)
❖ For evolution in life do Vishnu Sahastranam (lord Vishnu)
❖ For overall progress & fullness in life do Rudra Abhishek (lord shiva)
❖ For fulfillment of all desires do Durga Saptsati. (goddess durga)
❖ For improvement in eye sight and skin disease do Aditya Hirdaya Strata (lord sun)
❖ For entrance in new house or foundation stone do Vastu Shanti (vastu devta)
❖ To get a child do Santan Gopal mantra
❖ To get favorable planetary influence do Nava Graha Shanti.
❖ Always’ do Tara-Shuddhi before selecting a muhurta. Transit moon should not be 4/8/12 from the natal moon.
❖ If there is no good muhurta available, make use of Abhijeet muhurta. It is 12:00 am/pm ± 24 min. Ram Avtar,         Krishna Avtar, even our country was born at that time.

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