Rules of Karma

There are 3 kinds of Karma

1- Kriyamaan Karma: From the moment you wake up in the morning till you fall asleep at night i. e. From the birth to moment of death whatever deeds you perform,are the Kriyamaan Karma and you will definitely reap the fruits of your deeds..

2- Sanchit Karma : Some kriyamaan Karmas are such that the fruits are not obtained immediately.Such karmas are thus accumulated in our destiny which yield fruit at a preordained point in our lives or even in another birth.These accumulated Karmas are called sanchit Karmas..

3- Praarabdha Karma: When accumulated Karma’s are ready to yield fruit,they are known as praarabdha Karma.It is absolutely true that what is preordained will transpire..However,it is important to understand the place of destiny in your life in relation to your own efforts..

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